Red Naugahyde Fun in Road’s SPF 12

What a great time with such incredible artists! I was thrilled when The Road Theatre invited me to be part of their Summer Playwrights Festival again, this time with my comedy about negotiations, acceptance and belonging, The Big Red Naugahyde Booth (or, Would-be Elks)… online! This is a play that I’ve…

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Under Construction: “adaptation.resilience”

One year later… Or actually, a little over a year! Fall, 2019 I started work on a new full length play built from the ground up, “adaptation.resilience,” as part of The Road Theatre‘s first “Under Construction” cohort. Such a fantastic experience, working for a Covid-extended period with dramaturg Jessica Broutt…

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I’m very excited that my new play FOOTPRINT, which I began to write early last year at the National Winter Playwrights Retreat and developed through Moving Arts MADlab (with more than a little help from the Playwrights Union!) will be part of The Road Theatre Company’s 9th Annual Summer Playwrights Festival! Working on this play has been a…

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“Chicken Shoot” in Road Summer Playwrights Festival July 29th

Thrilled to be part of SPF6 at The Road Theatre Company – once again, the Road artists are so very cool. As I can’t help keep mentioning, I’m crazy for the poster for my play, “Chicken Shoot.”  AND I’m really fortunate to work with director Michelle Gillette and actors Hilary J. Schwartz & Lorianne Hill.

“Chicken Shoot” is a short comedy about crimes and validation.  When two half-sisters visit an abandoned aerospace compound, absurd government secrets shed an unexpected light on toxic family truths. The night also features my friend Stephanie Walker’s full-length “The Art of Disappearing,” directed by John Gowans. See you then for food, drinks, music and two plays by LA women playwrights! Performances are at The Road on Magnolia in the NoHo Senior Arts Colony, 10747 Magnolia Blvd.

No reservations are necessary; tickets are by donation only ($15 suggested). More info:

Thank you to all at The Road for involving me again this year, especially the producers including Scott Alan Smith and Carlyle King. A special shout out to Tiffany Antone and the artists involved in Little Black Dress INK‘s Female Playwrights ONSTAGE, where “Chicken Shoot” was a Finalist. And thanks to my sweet husband Jim for helping with the image, below, and also for some fab SFX for the reading – I am laughing already!

Chicken Shoot