Under Construction: The Zoom Series & “Reach”

A huge gift. That’s what I’ve been given this year from the peeps at the Road Theatre Company.

Well, me and 10 other playwrights.

More about the amazing Under Construction playwrights group later; let’s just say that it’s been a life saver staying connected to this cohort of amazing writers and human beings – led by dramaturg Jessica Broutt – since last fall, when we all brought in ideas for new plays to be developed.

Obviously this year didn’t, er, go exactly as planned in terms of presenting those plays (now slated for early 2021), but as a sort of Covid Consolation Prize, producers Jami Brandli, Meeghan Holaway and Carlyle King offered up the chance to create Zoom plays.

Why the hell not, I said?

I had the best time writing a piece for actors Brian M. Cole, Judith Moreland and Carlyle King (take that producer hat off, missy!); we all worked in such a collaborative way with director Susan Diol… who brought on incredible producer Christine Joëlle… who connected us to the band firehill and their song “Believe,” which frames this play so beautifully. #luckyplaywright

A short comedy about the ways in which we connect, or try to, “Reach” takes a peek at socially-distanced friends during a time when the dual pandemics of Covid-19 and Racism hit Los Angelenos – and bring them together – in rather revealing ways.

Check out all the plays in Under Construction: The Zoom Series, premiering Friday & Saturday, October 23 & 24 at 6pm PT

STREAMING PLATFORMS (available through November 15):
www.roadtheatre.org/live | www.facebook.com/roadtheatre/live | www.youtube.com/roadtheatrecompany/live

Click Here to read the lovely article about “Reach” and the Zoom Series from NoHo Arts District.

(And click image below for the video of firehill’s “Believe.” It’s terrific!)