Under Construction: “adaptation.resilience”

One year later…

Or actually, a little over a year! Fall, 2019 I started work on a new full length play built from the ground up, “adaptation.resilience,” as part of The Road Theatre‘s first “Under Construction” cohort. Such a fantastic experience, working for a Covid-extended period with dramaturg Jessica Broutt and a group of kind, generous and kick-ass playwrights: Steve Apostolina, Jami Brandli, Bernando Cubria, Lisa Kenner Grissom, Cory Hinkle, Velina Hasu Houston, Aja Houston, Carlos Lacamara, Jennifer Maisel and Elizabeth Sampson.

And this was all made possible by producer Carlye King.

So here we are!

Time for (most of) us to present the first readings of our Full Length Plays as live-stream recordings, premiering January 22 – 31 on roadtheatre.org/live.

It’s been an adventure (and then some) in the new Zoom of it all, and I am so grateful to Carlyle, Jessica and the inaugural UC Playwrights, and to Director Susan Vanita Diol and all of the Road actors who lent us their time and talents to the development of “adaptation.resilience.” (And Jessica Ruvinsky & Owen Smith!)

Susan and I could not be more proud of the incredible cast who made the reading possible:

Deana Barone, Emily Jerez, Carl Johnson, Natalie Llerena and Michelle Gillette.

Please join us! “adaptation.resilience” premieres on Saturday, January 23 at 7pm.

FB Event Here

(And check out Natalie Llerena’s gorgeous song, “Our Last Day in the Park,” which she allowed us to use in the recording.)

I love these actors!