Theatre is the Cure… or at least, very good medicine

Happy to be participating in this week’s Theatre is the Cure Event on Friday, April 3 – a collaborative online evening connecting 15 playwrights who write monologues on Wednesdays (from prompts received on Tuesdays) which are passed onto 15 directors and 15 actors for rehearsal on Thursdays, and performed via Zoom (live-streamed on Facebook) on Fridays at 6:30! #inthistogether

Launched on March 27 (World Theatre Day) in response to the Covid-19 pandemic (which finds venues closed and so many artists around the globe out of work), the intent is for this to be a virtual event taking place every week… “Until it’s over.” (This from creator Hannah Logan, a kick-ass San Diego theatermaker. “Toilet paper, wet naps, truth… Come laugh, cry and celebrate the power of theatre with us!”)

Click the FB Link to Join:

The events are FREE, but donations of any amount are gratefully accepted to help give a little something to the out-of-work artists involved.

And if you’re a playwright, director, actor, audience or arts lover, here’s how to share creative energy and inspiration, and be part of Theatre is the Cure:

Interested playwrights, directors and actors should email In the Subject Line of your email, please indicate whether you are a PLAYWRIGHT, DIRECTOR, or ACTOR – or – write INVITE ME if you want to be sent a link to view the live event and/or contribute an idea to the playwright. Please also be sure to attach a copy of your resume.

Hannah Logan, Theatre is the Cure

psst… Hannah could also use any help she can get in terms of wrangling and getting the word out!

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