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Dr. Barnett’s Office Door

Awhile ago, I was thrilled to get an invitation from my good friend and amazing colleague, playwright Claudia Barnett, to visit her in Tennessee.

Her idea to justify the trip at the end of February was that I’d work with her playwriting students at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN, followed by a reading of my play FOOTPRINT. Then, just because I need more opportunities to get out out of my comfort zone – yikes! – she signed me up to teach a Master Class through MTSU Write!

MTSU Write’s Jennifer Kates. I need to hire her.

Of course my first priority in all of this was to was to hang with Claudia.  (And by default her husband, poet and mean martini mixer Gaylord Brewer since they ever-so-kindly put up with me in their lovely home!) But as it turned out, I had a great time with Claudia’s – I mean, Dr. Barnett’s – smart, smart undergrad students and also the group of terrific local writers in the workshop I led, “Is This a Play? Pushing the Boundaries of What Belongs Onstage.”

Plus, I got to play in Nashville. No complaints there! Many thanks to Claudia, the fabulous Jennifer Kates and all of the wonderful people I met on my adventure into Academia. And, of course, gratitude to the inimitable Gaylord… and to Lucy.

Claudia and Lucy, not in that order.


At the Frist in Nashville – Exhibit is Nick Cave’s Feat. (Loved it!)

I’m big in Murfreesboro.


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