Starting “Footprint” in Snowboots

At the end of January, I got on a very small plane and headed to Creede, Colorado, where I was to spend a week as part of the National Winter Playwright’s Retreat… and start work on my new play! To be honest, this was the first time I’d ever even thought about applying for a retreat or residency (the view from my office is just fine, thank you very much!) but I found the experience… extraordinary.

The view from the 8-seater that flew into Alamosa airport.

It was in Creede that I took the first steps that would become my play Footprint.

I am forever grateful to gifted playwright Dale Dunn who was my roommate and partner in crime (and late-night whiskey drinking) during my week…

We stayed in a charming little house belonging to Creede Repertory artists, set in magical surroundings.

Snow-covered inspiration in the backyard

And I can’t say enough about the fabulous couple who made NWPR happen: Manuel and Ann Pitman Zarate. As well as incredible actor Annie Butler who, along with Ann and Manuel, jumped in to read the first draft of my first 30 pages.

Dinner at Arps after the reading – Dale, me, Manuel, Ann & my new favorite, Annie!

A week was definitely too short a stay. I’m now hooked on retreats and residencies. But my time in Creede gave me just enough to continue my journey with Footprint as I headed home to LA. (Needless to say, I haven’t worn the snowboots since!)

Did I mention the plane was REALLY small?