“Separate Loads” @ EST/LA

So great working with artists at Ensemble Studio Theatre/Los Angeles again, this time on a 10 minute play that I’ve just re-titled SEPARATE LOADS.

Director Patty Cornell, actors Poonam Basu and Anil Margsahayam and Angela Bullock jumping in as dramaturg were so fantastic in helping me sort through the, er, colors in this play, which was originally written for Little Black Dress INK’s “Dirty Laundry” Festival.

Very pleased to be included with three other plays which have been part of in EST/LA’s Long Term Development program.

Again, I really appreciate being able to do this kind of work in the Zoom of it all during this time – to play with ideas, characters and stories again and see where they land today.

Hope you can join us Saturday, August 29 at 2pm!

Info here: https://www.estlosangeles.org/


A dark comedy about choices, actions and options, at the heart of Separate Loads is a couple contemplating an important decision. During a time when America is connected—and divided—in very revealing ways, it becomes clear to one woman that not making a choice is a choice in itself.

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