Private Workshops & Dramaturgy

I currently run two workshops – the Next Draft Workshop & New Play Wrangling Workshop – in addition to providing Private Dramaturgy.

Next Draft Workshop

Discussion after reading of Wesley Middleton’s “Baba Yaga Comes Home, Or The Witch Play”

Modeled after the workshop I created and ran through Theatricum’s Botanicum Seedlings 2012-2019, the Next Draft Workshop is designed for writers who have a complete (or pretty damn close) draft of a full length play and are asking the question: “What’s Next?”

Held over the course of three months, the Next Draft Workshop allows a select group of playwrights to dig in, work through roadblocks, and move their plays to the next level with the support of other writers and dramaturgical tools focused on each play’s needs.

Playwrights read all plays before the session begins so that we can hit the ground running.

The Workshop culminates in private “living room” readings (with amazing actors).

Reading of Victor Lesniewski’s “The Hunt for Bendetto Montone”

Fall, 2024

  • Meets Sundays, 11:30am – 2pm PT (presently on Zoom)
  • September 8 & 22, October 6 & 20, November 3*
  • Readings November 16 & 17*
  • Limited to 3 playwrights
  • Cost: $360

*Dates subject to change

Fall, 2024 Next Draft Workshop Submission Deadline August 30

It’s important to put together a tight group of writers for this Workshop, so playwrights should send a draft of the play to be developed (early drafts are okay!), a statement of intent (where do you see your play going in the course of the session?) and a bio or resume by the submission deadline.

If you’re interested in joining the next session or have questions, email

Discussion after reading of Katie Thomason’s “Best Western Space Age”… with wine and snacks.

“The Next Draft Workshop is the perfect opportunity to dust off that play sleeping on your hard drive and take it to the next level. Jennie knows how to read a work on its own terms and helps you find the story that YOU want to tell. She also has an amazing ability to bring together cohorts of smart, thoughtful, and committed playwrights.”

–Alison Minami, Playwright & Actor

“It’s always a blessing to have a dramaturg who doesn’t try to fix your play, but can help you figure out what changes you need to make for yourself. Jennie asks all the right questions to help you see what’s there, what’s missing, and what your best next steps should be.”

–Victor Lesniewski, Playwright

“Highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to go deeper and farther with a particular play but needs the boost of an accountability structure, a highly intelligent guide, and a great live reading to do it!”

–Wesley Middleton, Playwright

New Play Wrangling Workshop

photo by Kevin Hudnell

This is a flexible, ongoing(ish) Workshop held every other week that sprang out of requests from smart and generous writers who wanted to work on material in like-company, with a loose framework that’s both supportive and challenging. The small group dynamics and moderated discussion allow for creating a new play from scratch, picking up mid-draft and finishing a play, or re-visiting a play-in-process that’s demanding to be explored in a new way.

  • Meets on alternating Tuesday evenings, 6:30-9pm PT (presently on Zoom)
  • Limited to 6 playwrights
  • Cost: $60/month (3 month commitment)

Fall New Play Wrangling Workshop starts up again in September, 2024.

If you’re interested in joining if there is a space or want more info, please email

What I especially love about Jennie’s workshops is the feeling of safe exploration for uniquely voiced scripts – Jennie knows how to ask questions and shape the conversation to the individual’s original intent of the script.”

–Cynthia Wands, Writer & Artist

Jennie is the best writing coach you could ask for!”

–Gina Torrecilla, Playwright, Actor & Voice Artist

“Jennie Webb’s dramaturgical and literary skills spring from a place of urgent advocacy for the playwright’s intention. A fine and distinctive writer herself, she offers her deep understanding and expertise to others with a generous spirit.”

–Henry Murray, Playwright

Private Dramaturgy

For playwrights with a completed draft (or a play-in-progress), these focused, one-on-one sessions provide an in-depth discussion of a work’s successes… and its potential pitfalls. I tap into what I call “organic dramaturgy,” focusing on the playwright’s vision, intent and goals for each particular play – whatever the level or draft and strengthening the relationship between style, structure, story and character.

Standard sessions and private coaching are both available, depending on the needs of the project.

If you’re interested in finding out more, email

“Jennie Webb cares about theatre – and she cares about new plays. She has a unique way of seeing into a play. She doesn’t stop at the surface. She looks for the hidden poetry in the piece. She is sensitive to the author’s intention and commits herself to viewing a play with that in mind always asking, How can this be the best possible play the writer can write – and what can I do to help?”

Paula Cizmar, Playwright & Professor, USC School of Dramatic Arts

“Jennie is the consummate dramaturgical professional. She is both teacher and guide. Our discussions always bring clarity and ah-ha moments. My plays are stronger for her contribution, and I look forward to our next collaboration!”

Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich, Playwright

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