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Sketch by Eddith Buis, Great Plains Theatre Conference, 2014
Sketch by Eddith Buis, Great Plains Theatre Conference, 2014


(10 Minutes; 1 woman, 1 man, 1 young woman) Click Here for PDF Copy

Smiling Cat Candy Heart is a short play about the big battles in the world and the little things we do to navigate through them. When two separated parents meet for their regularly scheduled child exchange, their usual communication challenges take an unexpected new twist.

Northwest Playwrights Alliance with Theater Artists Olympia December, 2023; EST/LA One Act Festival May, 2019 (June Carryl, Director); Little Black Dress INK Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Project 2019; American Playbook Recording January, 2019; City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting Contest 2019 Finalist.


(10 Minutes, 1 woman) Click Here for PDF Copy

Carry On finds a woman of a certain age weighing her losses and what she carries—how she’s been carrying it—as she looks ahead at a new and uncertain leg of her journey.

EST/LA “The Early Bird Special” June, 2022 (with Angela Bullock; Susan Franklin Tanner, Director); included in Smith & Kraus “Best 10 Minute Plays of 2022.” Tony Foster, Dramaturg


(10 Minutes; 3 women) Click Here for PDF Copy

Oh, that Rebecca, always running late. Only this time, when she meets her friends at their local coffee spot, her unexpected (or is it?) excuse pulls back the curtain on what living in a rape culture could really mean. Rebecca on the Bus is a very dark comedy about a most absurd reality.

Piece of Paper Productions (Bengaluru, India) August, 2019; EST/LA Launchpad Readings December, 2017 (Shaina Rosenthal, Director); Little Black Dress INK Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Project (AZ) January, 2015; IndieBoots Theatre Festival (Chicago) March, 2013. Anne Hamilton, Dramaturg


(10 Minutes, 1 woman, 1 man) Click Here for PDF Copy

A dark comedy about choices, actions and options, at the heart of Separate Loads is a couple contemplating an important decision. During a time in which America is connected—and divided—in very revealing ways, it becomes clear to one woman that not making a choice is a choice in itself.

EST/LA Long Term Development August, 2020 (Patty Cornell, Director); The Disreputables SLUT Festival Reading (VA) October, 2012; Little Black Dress INK Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Project (AZ) July, 2011


(10 Minutes; 2 women, 1 man; written for Zoom or Virtual Performance) Click Here for PDF Copy

A short comedy about the ways in which we connect, or try to, Reach takes a peek at socially-distanced friends during a time when the dual pandemics of Covid-19 and Racism hit Los Angelenos—and bring them together—in rather revealing ways. 

Road Theatre’s Under Construction, “The Zoom Plays” October, 2020 (Susan Diol, Director)


(10 Minutes; 2 women) Click Here for PDF Copy

About What Matters is a short, pointed play about, among other things, priorities, boundaries, certainties and letting life get to you. Waiting together for an acknowledgement that may never come, two friends find themselves caught up in a dangerously circular game of logic and loyalties, as they realize they’ve probably missed lunch.

Leikfélag Kópavogs (Iceland) January, 2020 (Sigrún Tryggvadóttir, Director & Translator);  Theatricum Botanicum SeedlingsFest Reading November, 2011 (Jen Bloom, Director)


(10 Minutes; 2 women) Click Here for PDF Copy

A black comedy at the beach. A visit to Santa Monica’s “Ink Well” gives two white women an unexpected perspective on what it means to belong, and to be “the other.”

Green Light Productions “Shorties” March, 2015 (Randee Trabitz, Director); Santa Monica Rep WaveFest October, 2013 (Jen Bloom, Director)


(10 Minutes; 2 women) Click Here for a PDF Copy

When two half-sisters visit an abandoned aerospace compound, absurd government secrets shed an unexpected light on toxic family truths. Chicken Shoot is a short comedy about crimes and validation.

Road Theatre Summer Playwrights Festival June, 2015 (Michelle Gillette, Director); Little Black Dress INK Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Project Finalist May, 2015


(15 minutes; 5 young women) Click Here for a PDF Copy

Brand New Script is a short, dark comedy about drama, denial & permission that takes a slightly absurdist look at the role of prescription drugs on campus.

Written as part of Blind Spot Collective’s immersive project “Hall Pass” performed at San Diego and NYC high schools; part of La Jolla Playhouse’s Without Walls Festival 2019 (Blake McCarty, Director)


(10 Minutes; 2 women, 1 any gender) Click Here for a PDF Copy

A play with an end which considers possibilities, On Tuesday takes a dark and slanted look at our innate desire to have some control over the events and people around us, to make a connection and have an impact. How powerful is our need to make sense of the inconceivable, in any way we can?

Theatre of NOTE October, 2012 (Mary Jo DuPrey, Director); Little Black Dress INK Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Project (AZ) July, 2012


(20 Minutes; 2 women, 1 man) Click Here for PDF Copy

Buying a House is a dark comedy about money, women and place, in that order. A single woman sits at a bar, single-malt in hand, waiting to take a monumental, life-altering step: she is buying a house. But it’s a man’s world. And that last cocktail may be one too many.

Green Light Productions GLO Fest November, 2014 (Jen Bloom, Director); workshop production, 2003 (Miguel Montalvo, Director)

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