NOT CAKE in Rogue Artists Ensemble’s Rogue Lab

Super excited to have been working with a group of incredible artists since last September in the creation of my new play NOT CAKE!

Being part of the inaugural Rogue Lab meant that I, alongside writers Lisa Dring, Eric Fagundes, John Guerra, Mildred Lewis & Chelsea Sutton, was challenged to create a new work taking into consideration Rogue Artists’ “Hyper-Theater” sensibilities, paired with a designer for inspiration and collaboration from day one. I can’t thank Lighting Designer Caitlin Eby enough for helping to set the stage for what turned into an incredibly ambitions project. Yikes!

Set in 1924 and 2024, this is the story of a singular woman in a multi-cultural Los Angeles neighborhood who’s determined to use her gifts to help other women. But after 100+ years of fighting for change, she’s pretty much ready for her time to be up. NOT CAKE is a new play about privilege and class, appropriation and agency.

And now, after collaborating with brilliant director Estela Garcia and adding a cast of mind-blowing actors – Maria Spassoff, Anna LaMadrid, Traci Kato-Kiriyama, Shaina Hammer, Oscar E. Fabela, Mildred Langford – I hope that you’ll be able to share NOT CAKE and the work of the other Rogue Lab artists. It’s all this weekend at Plummer Park in West Hollywood!

(My profound thanks to Sean T. Cawlelti, Lisa, Chelsea and Katie Witowski for all their work producing this Reading Series!)

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