Meet the Safety Net Collective #LAThtr #SafetyNet

I’m very proud to be working with a group of fierce activists called the Safety Net Collective who are opening up a conversation about sexual harassment and abuse in the LA Theater community.

We’re helping to distribute an anonymous, 1-page survey created by Project Nongenue as our first step. If you work or have worked in LA Theater in ANY CAPACITY, please ADD YOUR VOICE!

And if you’ve already contributed to the survey, tell 25 of your closest friends and collaborators… It’s vital that we hear from as many artists and theatermakers as possible so that, together, we can move towards creating a safety net to protect all involved, companies as well as individuals.

Help us spread the word by forwarding this link: LAThtr #SafetyNet #filloutthefuckingsurvey #please 😉

Click Here for the LA Theater Community Climate Survey.

Thank you for your support, and being part of the solution!

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