Heading to Canada’s Equity in Theatre Symposium

How fabulous to be representing LA Female Playwrights Initiative at the EIT Symposium in Canada on April 27, 2015!  I’m honored. (And pretty jazzed to be visiting Toronto for the first time!)

Many of us from the US will be joining theatermakers from around the world to  learn about the status of Canadian women in theater.

And on April 28th, it’s an International Networking Session with  some amazing women representing organizations like WomenArts, Women in the Arts & Media Coalition, League of Professional Theatre Women, Works by Women San Francisco & Teatro Luna.  We’ll get down and dirty with Canadian artists (is that possible?)  at the Playwrights Guild of Canada to brainstorm about how we can best move forward, working together.

(Thanks Martha Richards, Shellen Lubin & Christine Young for making this happen!)

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