Getting Cozy in Blank’s Living Room Series

Since last fall, I’ve been working with the #newplay-loving group at The Blank Theatre as a member of the Living Room Series “Artistic Committee.” Very fancy.  Plays are read. Playwrights are championed. Wine is consumed.

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Ladies of the LRS AC targeting #genderparity goals (with wine) : Lainnie Felan, Shelagh McFadden, Beth Bigler & Elena Campbell-Martinez

It’s been a terrific experience which connects a lot of the stuff I already do in LA as a playwright & dramaturg and also in my roles running LA FPI & Seedlings, the new play program at Theatricum Botanicum.

I’m especially proud that this year’s efforts toward achieving gender parity and greater diversity among the playwrights and directors have paid off: thus far, over 60% of the plays presented have been by women playwrights, and we’ve got 3 more up ahead in February!  Still working on getting more color overall and women in the director’s seat…

At any rate, I’ve been very lucky to personally work as “Creative Producer” (they love titles, these LRS peeps) so far on two wonderful plays by women: Nancy Cooper Frank’s “Anna and the Blackbird” and Blaire Baron Larsen’s “The Gentry of Essex.” And I can’t wait for Susan Miller’s “Average American,” which takes the stage at the Stella Adler on Tuesday, February 23.

My thanks to all of the amazing artists involved in these projects, and to Daniel Henning, Sarah Bauer and everyone at The Blank – especially the trouble-makers who make up the Artistic Committee and our fearless leader, Elena Cambpell-Martinez (who’s to blame for getting me hooked up with them in the first place).

It’s a good place to be. Now pour me another, please.


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