At Home with “Footprint”

Sometimes things just fall into place. I was very excited when EST/LA chose to support my my play Footprint through their Long Term Dramaturgy Project earlier this year… especially as it had just been named a 2019 O’Neill Finalist.

Footprint is a uniquely LA story, and it was great to re-visit and hone the play with LA theater artists I love. Before we dived into rehearsals, I worked with my friend (and oh-so talented artist) Lauren Campedelli on some specific goals, then we picked a date for the reading. Nice, huh?

Not surprisingly, it was great reuniting with director Laura Stribling, who had helped me develop the piece through Moving Arts MADlab, and the incredible Liza Fernandez, who pretty much originated the role.

We were clever enough to complete casting with amazing actors William Duffy & Mateo Mpinduzi-Mottt… along with the delightful Poonam Basu, who jumped in at the last minute!

It was even kind of perfect that we ended up rehearsing at my home in Eagle Rock.

Liza, Duffy, Poonam & Mateo w Laura pulling the strings in a living room rehearsal

Thank you to all who joined us and all at EST/LA who made this happen: Keith Szarabajka, Liz Ross, Duffy, Kevin Comartin, Christopher Reiling & Ray Xifo…

Keith. Issuing an audience warning.

But most of all, thanks to my sweet family who was able to be there with me, bringing this play that holds such an important place in my heart, home.

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