Corporate Writing

Jennie Webb‘s background includes a range of writing for various companies and institutions, from technical manuals to style guides to brochures and web content.

She wrote e-learning content for interactive training and corporate compliance courses for LRN (proprietary projects for major global names such as Pfizer, Siemens, Bausch & Lomb, Moët Hennessy, Solvay, Medronic, Owens Corning, Tyco International, The New York Times Company and various energy and financial companies, as well as local governments and software start-ups) and corporate codes of conduct (clients included Armstrong and iGPS).

Under contract with Work|Life Benefits, she created numerous informational articles and employee assistance materials such as health and wellness tip sheets, parenting and childcare articles, custom seminars, and projects designed specifically for kids; corporate clients included Amgen, Anheuser Busch, Southwest Airlines, Ford Motor Co., Disney, Home Depot and Cisco Systems.  She subsequently wrote global newsletters for the company’s successor, Workplace Options.

She was responsible for print and online content, SEO optimization, project management and other writing for PersonaLabs and related healthcare sites, and extensive web content and marketing collateral for various other sites including Gogo Jewelry.


Armstrong Code of Business Conduct



PersonaLabs Diabetes Guide
PersonaLabs Allergies Information
PersonaLabs E-Store Promotion
PersonaLabs STD Info-Graphic


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