Around the Clock @ RMT

(I was going to title this “Going Nowhere” at Rogue Machine Theatre but that didn’t sound right. 😉 )

So “Going Nowhere” is the title I was given as part of Rogue Machine’s challenge to create a short play for the online version of their 24-hour (ish) new play festival.

And in a #luckyplaywright moment, something else I was given was two amazing actors to write for: Ned Mochel and Lesley Fera.

It was really a blast creating a piece for this couple (after checking out their podcast, Homeward Bound: Surviving the Corona Virus) and I can’t wait to see them dive in via the Zoom of it all!

Also an honor to be working with Rogue Machine again, with a great group of other writers, directors and actors: Amanda Mauer, Michelle Hanzelova, Steve Stajich, Tania Getty, Keith Stevenson, Megan Wright, Marni Ayers, Don Smith, Marylin Winkle, Janet Song, Doug Shaffer, Jennifer Pollono, Sophia Pollono, Joanna Churgin, Dylan La Roque, Lesley Fera, Ned Mochel, Marilyn McIntyre, James Harper, William Brady, Katell Brady, Melissa Paladino Flanagan, Patrick Flanagan, Nola Brady, Elina de Santos, Dennis Redfield, Kymberly Harris and Victoria Hoffman.

Thanks especially to producers Tracie Lockwood and Michael Redfield – hope you join us for the fun!

And if you’d like to read “Going Nowhere,” Click Here!

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