“adaptation.resilience”… on the boards at the Road!

Yowza! This has been a ride.

Two years ago (yeah, in the before times: fall 2019) I was honored to be selected as one of the playwrights comprising Road Theatre Company’s inaugural Under Construction Playwrights Group. There were 11 of us, building our new plays from the ground up, aiming for readings in the spring. Of 2020.

Uh huh.

Long (familiar) story not so short, we were all so glad to be supported throughout last year and this by the Road, through online workshops, Zoom Plays, Virtual Readings… all of which was incredible.


My new favorite actors Michelle Gillette, Carl Johnson, Amy Tolsky, Andrea Lwin & Alaska Jackson.

But a couple of months ago, the company announced it was planning to present a live, in-person festival of our plays to open up its space in North Hollywood. [insert emoji here]

I’m still not sure if any of us believed it at first, but personally I was thrilled to reunite with director Susan Vanita Diol, round up amazing actors Andrea Lwin, Amy Tolsky, Carl Johnson and Michelle Gillette and start (gasp) rehearsing. (Albeit distanced and outdoors.)

Oh my goodness! Who knew how much we missed it – actually being in the same space. Connecting outside of Zoom boxes. Hearing (wait for it…) overlapping dialogue! I could not be having a better time. (Plus, Susan and these actors are a*m*a*z*i*n*g.)

So we’re really doing it.

“Under Construction 1” runs September 23 – October 3 at the Road on Magnolia, under Covid 19 protocols. No reservations are necessary; make a donation if you can!

So many thanks to UC Producer Carlyle King, Dramaturg & facilitator Jessica Broutt, and UC1 Series Associate Producers.

As well as all of my fellow playwrights – it’s been a long journey together.

Can’t wait to be among the vaccinated, masked audience members to check out my cohort’s plays…

And I hope you’ll be able to join us on Friday, October 1 at 7:30pm to see “adaptation.resilience” stretch its legs. Info Here

For info on all the readings: roadtheatre.org/event/under-construction-the-full-lengths-2/

See you soon! (Warning: there may be hugs…)

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