A Virtual #SWANDay2020 in LA

So, we’re doing this! For the organization that I run, LA Female Playwrights Initiative, one of the highlights of the year is our SWAN Day Los Angeles Celebration. (That’s Support Women Artists Day, for those of you who are shamefully behind this particular femme curve!) We love any chance to connect female-identifying artists, and have been celebrating this DIY holiday in various ways since we first heard about it from WomenArts founder Martha Richards.

This year, SWAN Day is on Saturday, March 28th. And in the, er, given circumstances, we’re doing what theatermakers do: shifting gears from our plans at Ensemble Studio Theatre/LA’s Atwater Village space (Thank you, EST/LA!) and meeting online in a grand Micro-Read experiment… 18 1- page plays (or pieces of plays) performed on-the-fly by 20 actors.

It should be a blast.

And if we can get it together, join us via Facebook at 7pm! Watch for updates on the FB Event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2847500871972222/

Many thanks to my co-conspirator Kristen Lazarian, and thank you Evangeline & StateraArts for the lovely blog post about our original event, below.

(Fingers crossed we can bring in these fabulous directors for another event soon!)

Because now, more than ever, LAFPI is here, helping to get women’s voices out there.


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