A Taste of NOT CAKE at The Road

What a treat!

And at the same time, what a trip…

I’m super excited to invite audiences to a reading of Not Cake, an Angeleno play about privilege and class, appropriation and agency as part of The WORD at The Road on Monday, November 6th at 7:30pm. Info Here

I gotta say this has certainly been a journey!

I was lucky enough to have worked on the first draft of this play in 2018/19 as part of Rogue Artist Ensemble‘s Inaugural Rogue Lab with a group of fantastic writers and designers, under the leadership of dear friends and colleagues Chelsea Sutton and Lisa Dring.

Here’s the play:

Set in 1924 and 2024, Not Cake is the story of a singular woman in a multi-cultural Los Angeles neighborhood who’s determined to use her gifts to help other women. But after 100+ years of fighting, doesn’t she deserve a break? Not Cake is a new play about privilege and class, appropriation and agency, what we hide and what we reveal as the world changes around us.

Raina Pratto, Anna LaMadrid, Oscar E. Fabela, Maria Spassoff, Estela Garcia, Shaina Hammer, Traci Kato-Kiriyama & Mildred Langford after Rogue Lab reading

The character at the center of this play, the White Woman With a Tail, is an abortionist in 1924… and at the time of writing the play, who KNEW what 2024 would look like! (In terms of reproductive rights or anything else huge happening in the world. Uh huh…)

It was a wonderful experience, working through various workshop stages with director Estela Garcia and incredible actors, presenting a public reading in early 2019.

Then, in a story familiar to playwrights everywhere, I moved on.

The word moved on.

Until Not Cake demanded I dig into it again.

Angela Bullock, Rachael Hip-Flores, Renée Torchio MacDonald, Blaire Chandler, Margaret Starbuck, Ryan Manikowski, Mika Dyo & Sam Frontera after table reads

Last year, I was lucky enough that Rogue Lab was interested in supporting this play again, this time through a series of table readings at the end of 2022. I brought director Margaret Shigeko Starbuck onboard as well as dramaturg Rebecca Ojeda, and we teamed up with Chelsea and Lisa and a new group of amazing actors to explore how world events and societal shifts could be incorporated into the play. Many thanks to the intrepid Rogue Artists (shout outs to Sean T. Cawelti and Alexis Robles) for staying invested in Not Cake. (And to Chelsea for the fab graphic.)


So it’s almost 2024.

Which takes us to the new draft, and with it the need to incorporate all of the new stuff we’re dealing with in the post-Pandemic, post-Dobbs world… more than a few things front-and-center that affect the White Woman With a Tail and the characters who surround her – they’re Latinx, Japanese-American, Black and Jewish.

Needless to say, I’m thrilled to be working with incredibly generous and talented artists in this stretch of the journey: Director Margaret Shigeko Starbuck, Blaire Chandler, Adela Paez, Jacqueline Misaye, Renée Torchio MacDonald, Victoria Martinez, Cherish Monique Duke, Michelle Gillette and dramaturg Rebecca Ojeda.

And I’m so grateful to Carlyle King and all at The Road Theatre Company for this opportunity!

Hope to see you on November 6th! No reservations necessary. Suggested Donation. There will be wine.  

Info here: https://roadtheatre.org/readings/

Cherish Monique Duke, Renée Torchio MacDonald, Blaire Chandler, Jacqueline Misaye, Adela Paez, & Victoria Martinez rehearsing at The Road

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