What She Said 1/21/17

And what an amazing way to bring in 2017, with some 750,000 Angelenos speaking out in protest at the Women’s March in DTLA on January 21 – the first time I’ve felt hopeful in the new year!

with Elena Campbell-Martinez… glad this nasty woman is my friend!



#FringeFemmes & #HFF16 Huzzahs

Originally Posted on the LA FPI Persons of Interest Blog SO! Any way you look at it, the 2016 Hollywood Fringe Festival, it was (again) a ridiculous and fabulous success. But from my (and LA FPI‘s) very particular perspective, it reached a whole new level of amazing. For the first…

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“We Are Theatre” Gender Parity Panel @ #AWP16


Before the panel…

I’m a bit delayed in sending a shout out about a pretty cool panel (We Are Theatre) that Guerilla Girls on Tour’s Aphra Behn cooked up for this year’s Associated Writers & Writing Programs Conference. Being a non-member-type, I wasn’t even aware the AWP or its high-profile conference existed, but Aphra – who was the gal behind the mask behind the 2012 “We Are Theatre” evening at NYC’s Cherry Lane Theatre – reached out to a few of us who’d been involved in the 2012 event (me, indirectly through the LA FPI), an evening of monologues billed as a “Speakout Against Sexism.”

So this was last year sometime. Aphra said she wanted to propose a panel to talk about gender parity issues in theatre for the conference.  Despite my fear of panels and conferences, I said yes I’d love to be involved. (Honestly, I figured we had a slim chance of being included because she said the AWP was not at all theatre/playwright-centric!)

But lo and behold, the panel was meant to be, and I ended up having a terrific time chatting with a room full of writers/would-be activists alongside LA FPI Co-Founder Laura ShamasThelma DeCastro of San Diego Playwrights, LA FPI’s Laurel Wetzork (who just formed the new collective Athena Cats) and the infamous Aphra Behn. (No, it’s not that Aphra Behn; the Guerilla Girls take the name of women from history and wear masks for “official” appearances.  Can’t wait to read her memoir, due out this October, UN/MASKED.)

Thanks Aphra for including me in this group of terrific women. (Uh, yes, beverages were consumed afterwards. Need you even ask?)

2016-03-31 14.33.56

Laurel, me, Aphra, Laura & Thelma at a downtown watering hole post conference.

Getting Cozy in Blank’s Living Room Series

Since last fall, I’ve been working with the #newplay-loving group at The Blank Theatre as a member of the Living Room Series “Artistic Committee.” Very fancy.  Plays are read. Playwrights are championed. Wine is consumed. It’s been a terrific experience which connects a lot of the stuff I already do…

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Heading to Canada’s Equity in Theatre Symposium

How fabulous to be representing LA Female Playwrights Initiative at the EIT Symposium in Canada on April 27, 2015!  I’m honored. (And pretty jazzed to be visiting Toronto for the first time!) Many of us from the US will be joining theatermakers from around the world to  learn about the status…

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It Hurts: “Kill Bill” Passes Swimmingly

First of all, let me put it out there: I am not really a film gal. I do watch movies and as a female writer I’m invested in how women are portrayed. Working in theater in Los Angeles, I’m active in promoting women playwrights and putting more women to work…

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Do They Just Not Care?

“Do they just not care?” That’s what you say to yourselves when you’re doing the most important things in the world for the most important reasons and everyone you talk to seems to be too selfish or shallow or stupid to realize it. Right.  But we’ve all been there.  And…

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